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What is the protective clothing?

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What is the protective clothing?

What is the protective clothing?What is the protective clothing?

Types of protective clothing include fire protection clothing, industrial protective clothing, medical protective clothing, military protective clothing and protective clothing for special groups. Protective clothing is mainly used in fire fighting, military industry, shipping, petroleum, chemical industry, painting, cleaning and disinfection, laboratory and other industries and departments.

What is the protective clothing?

According to the protective function, it can be divided into health protective clothing, such as radiation protective clothing, cold protective clothing, heat insulation clothing and antibacterial clothing, etc. Safety protective clothing, such as flame retardant clothing, flame retardant protective clothing, arc protective clothing, anti-static clothing, bullet-proof clothing, stab-proof clothing, space suit, diving suit, acid clothing and insect repellent clothing, etc. Clothing designed to keep the wearer hygienic, such as oil - proof clothing, dust - proof clothing and water - proof clothing, etc.

What is the protective clothing?

Protective clothing structure, has the barrier function, good air permeability, high strength, high resistance to the characteristics of the hydrostatic pressure, mainly used in industry, electronics, medical, chemical defense, prevent bacterial infections such as the use of the environment in addition to meet the requirements of high strength and high wearing such as wear-resisting, often because of the protective purpose, protective principle and there are differences, different from the natural material such as cotton, wool, silk, lead, Synthetic materials such as rubber, plastic, resin, synthetic fiber, to contemporary new functional materials and composite materials, such as: the impact of registration aromatic polyamide, and high strength high modulus polyethylene fiber products, oil-repellent fluorochemicals, radiation resistance of polyimide fiber, antistatic acrylic complexation are concentrated copper fiber, anti-bacterial fiber and the related deodorization finishing of fabrics.

What is the protective clothing?



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